A customer has requested a wall plaque for his Mom’s kitchen. The carving will be of a Largemouth Bass…the carved area will be recessed ½” below the surface creating a dished out effect. She was a professional bass fisherman back in the day…gotta love it!

The plaque will be made from Sapele (a rich mahogany colored wood) and measure 12-3/4” in diameter and 1-3/8” deep.

The Bass will be a 3 dimensional mesh object applied to a flat relief in our Cad program. We will have a 1-1/4” band surrounding the carved area…this will provide the necessary space for the text.

The cad file was sent to our MultiCam router for machining. The tooling of choice was a ¼” ball nose bit for the bass, 1/8” end mill for the lettering and a ½” end mill to cut the piece out.

We will finish the plaque using a clear gloss acrylic…this will bring out the natural beauty of the Sapele.

This is going to be one fish that didn’t get away…LOL!!