At the MILLERY, we produce custom millworks to order.  These are the steps we follow to create or match almost any profile in hardwoods.  Our process starts with designing a profile or scanning a sample of the desired wood profile.  Confirming design on the computer and cutting a template on our in-house CNC machine, comes next.


Then we utilize this template on our WEINIG R960 Grinder to grind a knife set from hardened steel blanks. 

Next, we insert this knife set into the cutterhead on our WEINIG Profimat 50 moulder/planer machine. 

WEINIG Profimat 50

Lastly, we run specifically dimensioned select hardwoods thru the machine which produces the beautiful crown, base, cap, chair, bar rail, door casing, or other moulding to your specifications.  All yours… custom cut straight from the MILLERY and delivered ready for painting or staining.

Bring us a sample to match or call today for an appointment!