Our customer has requested a 72″ round black walnut dining table. The piece will have an 8 sided starburst in the center with a half inch ring just inside the perimeter. The inlayed starburst and ring will be of Gaboon ebony…an exotic wood from the Ivory Coast.

The field of the table will be constructed of 12 pie shaped black walnut wedges. We will use equal width boards in the construction of our blanks…this will allow the points to match as they converge at the center of the table.

We began our black walnut table by dimensioning 8 quarter material to a final thickness of 1 3/8″. We glued individual boards together to create a blank approximately 44″ in length and 21″ in width.

We cut 2 wedges from each blank…1 wedge when flipped created the mirror image of the other when placed side by side. A total of 12 wedges were used to create the circular top.

The following picture is a close-up of the wedges as they converge to the center of the table.

The final picture gives a full view of the twelve wedges creating a perfect circle. Stay tuned for Part Two…more fun to come!!!!