Our customer, Ken Guillory, has requested a carving be placed in an aromatic cedar table top. The top measures 76”in length x 46”in width and has a thickness of 2-1/2”. Ken is starting a bow hunting service at his ranch locally…it will be named River Road Whitetails. The table top will feature an engraving of the name and 2 recessed deer head carvings. I did the design in our EnRoute Cad program and sent the file to our MultiCam 5000 for machining.

The lettering was engraved to a depth of 3/8” with a 90 degree conic bit and the recessed deer heads were machined with a 1/8” ball nose bit. This project took approximately 2 hours to complete.

If you would like to schedule a bow hunt, give me a call & I will get you in touch with Ken.