Our customer brought in 2 cypress stump cross sections. One piece measures 32” in diameter and the 2nd piece measures 24” in diameter.  The sections will be used as table tops mounted to a pedestal base. We determined the age of the pieces to be approximately 2000 years old by counting the growth rings…now that’s an old cypress stump!!!

We began this project by placing the pieces on our MultiCam 5000 for milling. We used a 2 ½” flycutter to mill each side perfectly flat. The 32” piece has a final thickness of 5 ½” and the 24” piece has a final thickness of 4”.

We created the design for the pedestal legs in our Cad software program. Each pedestal has 3 legs bound together with a control ring.

The customer will apply approximately 20 coats of polyacrylic by MinWax for a furniture finish.