Customer Request: Recessed letter in flooring.

Material: Sinker Cypress flooring-Black walnut

Our customers brought us a section of flooring that will be placed in front of a fireplace in their new home. We placed the flooring section on our MultiCam 5000 and created a 3/8” deep pocket. The pocket will accept a 7/16” Black Walnut letter “B” inlay.

The Pocket:Curious about this flooring inlay?

We verified the fit with a template letter made from ½” mdf. Satisfied with the fit, we cut our letter “B” out of the Black Walnut. The letter will protrude 1/16” above the flooring. After jobsite installation the letter will be sanded flush with the finished flooring.Looking for the right flooring inlay?Want to know more about getting your own flooring inlay?