A customer has requested we make 4 sets of operable louvered shutters for their home. The shutters will have a 1 1/8” Spanish cedar frame with a closed back louvered panel. The panel will be made from Extira, a waterproof composite board.

 We created a louvered profile in our Cad program and extruded the profile across the surface of the panel.

The file was sent to our MultiCam router for machining. The machining takes about 30 minutes per panel…with 2 panels per shutter times 4 sets…the machine was busy for 8 hours.

While the MultiCam was hard at work, we cut our frame components and machined the mortise & tenon joints for assembly.

We applied a 35 year caulk to the panels before inserting into the frame…this will keep water from seeping into the mortise. We completed the assembly using waterproof glue on all the joinery.

After the assembly was completed, we passed the shutters through our Timesavers industrial sander to clean up any glue residue.

We finished the project by machining the required radius to the top of each shutter…these shutters will provide years of protection and enhance the exterior of our customers home.