We have been asked to create a sign for a potential project for the City of Lake Charles. The project will incorporate a 3 dimensional rendering of the city logo which will be mounted on a new podium. The sign will be 20” in diameter and 1-1/8” deep machined from Spanish Cedar.

As we often do, we machine a test piece from MDF material to ensure the layout is correct. This particular project will require two types of technology…a CNC router will be used to create the 3D surface and a laser will create the images within the recessed areas.

We began by importing the logo into our Cad program and merged the areas to be extruded onto a flat relief.

Next we sent the file to our CNC router for machining.

After machining, we created a raster file for the laser etching, placed the piece in our Laser and ran the file.

Pretty neat!!!