The things a Grand Dad must do!

I’ve been experimenting with 3 dimensional objects and textures in my Cad software program recently….so I decided to make a couple of door signs for the grand kids bedrooms. Every kid should have a place to call their own!

I created a couple of ovals 16” x 10” and added a ½” border to the inside. I then created a relief with a 20 degree rise and applied a texture. I used a basket weave texture for Reed’s sign and an alligator skin texture for Weesie’s. Next, I created the text with a .2 offset …this will leave a flat area around their names for a background effect. I used a beveled letter for Reed’s name and a rounded letter for Weesie.

I used a ¼” ball nose bit for the machining…total time for each sign was approximately 30 minutes.

I had fun making these signs for the grand kids and as a bonus…my Jennie will share in the fun…she gets to paint them!!! LOL