A friend of ours has asked us to make an auction item to benefit an 11 year old girl that is having double lung replacement surgery. We are always glad to help worthy causes. We decided to provide a couple of sets of washer boards for the game of “WASHERS”…here is how we made them.

Each washer board will be 22.5” x 47”…this allows us to cut out 2 sets from a sheet of ½” pre-finished plywood. The frame will be made from ¾” plywood 3-1/2” wide.

We layed out our rectangles for the tops in our Cad program and used a 60 degree conic bit to outline the lettering. We cut the circles for the holes and the outline of the rectangles with a ¼” end mill bit.

We assembled our frame to correspond with the perimeter of the washer board top.

Next we cut out a paint template that overlays our lettering. This really makes the painting chore a breeze.

A little spray painting and we are done. Hopefully these washer boards will bring several hundred dollars a set.  We wish this little girl the best and may God watch over her and her family.