One of the neat “Things That We Do” is wildlife plaques.

We create a flat relief shape of the plaque we choose to do…this acts as a canvas to which we apply our 3 dimensional objects. We chose to use a Fleur dis Leis with a slight dome shape as our canvas for the following plaques. We merged a 3D Bass, Deer head, Labrador Retriever and the La. Sportsman to our Fleur dis Leis canvas.




We used a ¼” ball nose router bit with a 90% overlap to produce these carvings. The CNC machining time took approximately 1 hour per carving running at a speed of 180” per minute.

We used various types of wood for the 3D objects…for the Bass, Deer & Lab we used cherry with an Ash plate…the Louisiana Sportsman was Spanish Cedar mounted on Ash…the Mallard was De-Nailed Pine mounted on Spanish Cedar.

We used 3 coats of Helmsman spar urethane for the finish on these plaques. The clear coat brings out the natural beauty of the various woods.