Our customer has requested we build the components for a hut that will enclose a towel cart at a local casino. The hut will be placed in the pool area for guest to drop their towels in after use. We will manufacture the components and the hut will be assembled on site.

The hut measures 72” in height, 52” in width and 34.5” in depth. We will use Spanish Cedar for construction since the hut will be left outdoors in the elements. Spanish Cedar is impervious to insects and rot resistant…ideal for outdoor applications.

The hut will feature a v-groove batten exterior with 3 ½” trim and the casino logo. Our first picture is the lay out from our Cad program.

Using waterproof glue, we constructed 4 panels that will form the walls of the hut. The individual boards that make the panels have a tongue & groove joint…this ensures a uniform fit and stability.

We used a 90 degree v-groove bit for machining the panel lines and logo. A 3/8” compression end mill was used to cut the finished panel shapes.


The completed hut will have 3 coats of Sherman Williams marine uretane applied after assembly.