Project produced with EnRoute Pro and CNC router by MultiCam.

Mark Hebert and I recently collaborated on a unique sign. I have known Mark for many years… Mark is a true artist and has been providing the Lake area with unique signs for 35 years. His work can be viewed at

This particular sign has all the “Bells & Whistles”. The sign features a sandblast texture, a water texture, 3 dimensional lilly pads, raised lettering and a sculpted pelican that showcases one of Mark’s many talents.

Mark did the original lay out and sent me the file for uploading to my EnRoute software program. The sign measures 120” in width, 42” in height and will be machined from 2” thick Sign Foam. We assigned textures to various sign components…the following pictures depict the Cad renderings.

We used a sandblast texture in the sign field and added a water texture in the area where the lilly pads and pelican will reside.

We gave the lilly pads a slight dome shape and added a leaf texture.

The machining on the MultiCam CNC router took approximately 5 hours. We used a ½” ball nose bit traveling at a speed of 500 inches per minute to create the textured surfaces.

Mark is pictured here vacuuming up the residual dust from machining.

 A 3/8” end mill tool pocketed the area where the pelican was to be added. The addition of the pelican as a separate piece gave Mark the needed material for sculpting.

After I completed the machining…Mark took the sign to his shop for painting and sculpting. The following pictures are the finished product…Pretty neat sign!!!