Our customer has requested a case for storing a stretcher /body board. The case will be placed in the pool area of a local casino…just in case a guest needs assistance.

The case will be constructed from Spanish Cedar and measures 78” in height, 24” in width and 6” deep.

The box construction is fairly simple…no need to elaborate.

The door for the case was constructed from a solid panel. We machined a tongue & groove joint the length of the individual boards and used waterproof glue for assembly. We layed out a series of lines in our Cad program approximately 4” on center to give the door a batten appearance along with the casino’s logo.

To provide stability, we plowed 3 horizontal areas 3/8” deep x 3 ½’ wide by the width of the door to accept a straightner…this will control warpage.

This completes our part in this project…our customer will use a marine urethane for a waterproof finish.