Our customer has requested a carving of his company logo. The piece will be used as a wall accent in the office area of his business. We decided on an oval textured carving made from black walnut…we will use a clear coat finish to enhance the beauty of the exotic wood.

The oval will measure 30” in width, 20” in height and 1 5/8” in depth. We glued up a blank approximately 34” by 24” for our canvas.

We created a 17 degree domed relief in our EnRoute software program and applied a wood grain texture. Next we superimposed the customer’s logo to the relief and created the tool paths.

We sent the file to our MultiCam overhead router for machining. We did this piece in 3 passes…the 1st  pass was done with a 3/8” ball nose bit to remove excess material …the 2nd pass was with a ¼” ball nose bit…we used a 1/8” ball nose to clean around the logo & lettering.

To complete this project, we used Helmsman- a high gloss urethane by Min-Wax.