Our customer has a large porch that runs completely around his home. He has asked us to machine 8 panels approximately 96” long and 24” tall with a scroll design. The panels will be painted white and set between a series of 12” x 12” cypress posts…the panels will be framed with a cypress cap and bottom rail. We will machine the panels from ¾” Extira…a waterproof composite board.

After the design and layout was completed in our Cad software program, we began our toolpathing. We used a 60 degree conic bit for the vertical lines…these lines will give a slatted look to our panels. We used a 3/8” compression bit to remove the material in the areas that machine completely through our panel.

The machining of each panel took approximately 1 hour…the finished panels look really neat. Our customer has promised to send us pictures after the installation and painting is complete… I will post those pictures at a later date.