I decided to make my little granddaughter a rocking chair. She is a mess…at the ripe old age of 1…she is climbing and into everything. I thought if I made her a rocking chair, she might actually sit still for a minute!!

The first picture is the cad file. The chair will have interlocking components…essentially; a puzzle.

The second picture is the MultiCam carving the text into a sheet of ½” mdf board. The text on the seat support reads “WEESIE”, my nickname for Kendal Kate. I wanted Jennie (my ex-favorite daughter) to name her Louise-Anna. Didn’t happen!!! The text centered in the backrest reads “Jesus Loves Me”.

The next 2 pictures show the machine as it cuts out the various components.

The final picture is the assembled chair. I will give this chair a couple of coats of paint and then give it to “Weesie” as a present. Perhaps one day she will give it to her little girl and tell them Granddad made it just for her!!!