What does every little girl need? A Cinderella Dresser of course!

 Ahh…”The Things A Granddad Must Do”.

I began this project by building a dresser 36” wide x 36” tall x 18” deep. I used birch plywood for the carcase and poplar for the facing. On each side of the dresser a 16” x 16” x 16” toy box will be attached.

The dresser will have a pumpkin shaped backdrop made from 5/8” mdf that will attach to the wall. We used a 60 degree conic bit to score the location of various appliqués.

 The appliqués will include window frames, curtains, flourishes mounted above & below windows and a crown/tiara. The appliqués will create depth and make painting this project a lot easier! The carriage wheels will be mounted to the front of the toy boxes and flush out with the front of the dresser.

To give the curtains a realistic appearance, I applied a rapid texture using a ¾” ball nose bit traveling in a random pattern. I will also use this technique for the dresser doors to complete the curtain effect.

This completes part 1 of this project…the painting of the various components is next, followed by the installation that will take this project to completion.