Our customer has requested we make a pair of 3D Horse Head Bookends to be given to his young daughter as a birthday gift. His daughter loves horses and is an avid reader as well. We will use Black Walnut  for this project…the overall dimensions;  Stand-8” tall x 6” long and 4” wide…Horse Head-6” tall x 5” long and 3” wide.

We began this project in our Cad program…We merged a 3D Horse Head mesh object to a flat relief. We made a copy of the 1st relief and flipped the copy.  We now have 2 opposing reliefs that can be machined and glued together to create our 3 dimensional Horse Head.

To complete this project, we simply glued and nailed the upright and base together at a 90 degree angle. Next, we glued the Horse Head to the stand, sanded the entire piece and applied a clear gloss lacquer.

Pretty neat gift!!!