Location: Daigle Farms-The Carriage House

 This is one of the most unique and fun projects we have had the opportunity to be involved in.

Glen & Jo Daigle, owners of Rabideaux’s Sausage Kitchen and Daigle Farms in Iowa, are expanding their business to include Western theme weddings. We have been asked to create an “OLD WESTERN TOWN” backdrop for these occasions.

The Old West theme town will feature a “BANK”, “JAIL” and “SALOON”.

We began by laying out the components in our Cad software program:

 The components are cut from 4’ x 8’ sheets of ¾” and 1- 1/8” composite board.

The components were machined on our MultiCam 5000 using various end mill and v-groove router bits. The project took several days to complete.

After completing our part in this project…Glen and his crew painted and installed the components.

This will be a neat place for a wedding …complete with catering and and a buggy ride!!!!