Created with EnRoute software

Machined with a MultiCam 5000

3D mesh objects by Vector Art 3D                                          

   Our customer is building a Lodge type home on 38 acres of wooded property overlooking a pond. We have been asked to create two wildlife scenes and a monogram to be used as exterior wall accents facing the pond. The carvings will be made from 2” thick Spanish Cedar with a stair step design around the perimeter. The monogram will measure 42” in width and 36” in height…The wildlife scenes will measure 43” in width and 24” in height.

The following renderings were created in our EnRoute software program.

The files were sent to our MultiCam 5000 for machining. We used a ½” end mill for 2 roughing passes at a depth of ½” per pass for removal of the excess material. We used a 3/8” ball nose with a 90% overlap for our finished pass. The machining took approximately 3 hours per piece.


The completed pieces will be finished with an automobile clear coat for durability. I will post additional pictures of theses carvings after the installation is complete. This has been a really neat project…we appreciate our customer for giving us this unique opportunity!!!