Have you ever had a great idea for a license plate? Well we can help you with that. Take any image any idea and we can personalize and immortalize it for you. License plates make great inexpensive gifts. Making license plates is a relatively  easy process. The customer comes to us with an idea  usually a name and logo or picture they want to have put on a plate. We then take the images  and set them up in a template in the computer using Coreldraw.

 Once we have our image formatted and fitted into our template we’re ready to print it out on our Epson 4800 on a sheet of DyeTrans™ multi-purpose ink jet sublimation printing paper. The printing in total takes around 2min.  When the sheet is cut and fitted to our fiberglass reinforced plastic license plate it’s ready for the heat press. We place the license plate face down in our press and cook it for 2:30 minutes at 400º.  Once the buzzer sounds we remove the plate out of the machine. Let it cool for 5 minutes and it’s out the door to the customer.