Carvings are one of my favorite things to do. I have carved many scenes with my MultiCam CNC router but none as interesting as the two Crucifix projects we are about to undertake. One customer has requested a life size Crucifix to be carved from reclaimed pine. The piece will be 84” tall by 49” wide with a depth of approximately 8”. Our second customer has requested a Crucifix 36” tall by 22” wide to be placed in the sanctuary of a local funeral home. This one will be carved from German Beech. We will be posting pictures of these projects as they progress; however, I thought I should do some test carvings just for fun!!

The first step in this project was to create a relief of the Crucifix in our EnRoute 3D Cad program. After tool pathing, we sent the production file to our CNC machine. The rendering is our first picture.

The second picture is a snapshot of the machining. We used a 1/8” ball nose bit traveling at a speed of 90 inches per minute with an overlap of 90% of the tool diameter. The machining time for each piece will be approximately 15 minutes.


The final picture is the completed piece after it has been sanded and painted with a metallic gold finish.