Susan & I have been married a long time…30+ years to be exact. What do you give a wonderful lady that has put up with you for so long? Well I thought I would try something special. I decided to take our wedding picture & laser etch the image onto a ¾” piece of cast acrylic Here is how I did it!

I drew a heart shape that measured 6”x 6” & incorporated a base 4”x 2”. The base will allow the piece to stand upright on her desk. The first picture is a rendering of the cut file produced in my EnRoute Cad program.

The second picture is the MultiCam cutting out the shape from the cast acrylic.

The third picture is the original wedding photo that has been modified to put our faces into an oval design.

This image was sent to our laser software -“PhotoGrav”. The software will convert the pixels to dots allowing the laser to read the intensity of each dot. There are 255 shades from white to black – This tells the laser how deep to burn each dot. Picture four is the engraved file.

Picture five is a snapshot of the laser producing the etching. Notice the file is reversed…this puts the image on the back and will create depth when viewing from the face side.


Picture six is the finished piece. I think she will like this one!